We support young people aged 11-18 years with a maximum number of 12 students to progress and succeed in their education.


Our vision is to provide a safe, positive, and structured environment in which young people can grow both emotionally and academically.

Here at the Moorfield Learning and Community Hub we work to provide the best possible learning outcomes for our young people who may currently struggle with mainstream education establishments. This could be missing education due to, illness, mental health, behavioural and emotional issues or have experienced difficulties with their learning. Whilst doing this our aim where possible is to reintegrate our pupils back to mainstream or an alternate learning provision.

We provide support in the exclusion process, which can be either short or long term, working with schools and pupils to reduce the risk to use fixed or permanent exclusion penalties or pupils who may be currently permanently excluded. We do this by adopting a multi-disciplinary approach to early intervention supporting the school, parents, carers, and individual pupils.

Our approach includes both academic and behaviour assessments, and from these a programme will be established. Our programme will include ‘an academic strand’ including Numeracy and Literacy. An ‘emotional literacy strand’ including strategies for coping in school, managing feelings and social skills and self-reflection. The ‘practical strand’ including education, art, outings, and outdoor education.


Our outreach team comprises of Education Advisors and teachers who specialise in meeting the needs of children and young people who have social, emotional, mental health issues. We work across the Furness Peninsula in both Primary and Secondary settings and are accessed by a simple referral process.


Our outreach services are bespoke and focus on the needs and aspirations of the individuals we support. Person-centred care plans are developed with the young person, their school and their family. We always review the way we support children and young people to see if there are any changes or improvements we can adapt to improve the support we provide.


  • Support specific to identified needs.
  • Initial assessment meetings with key professionals, class teachers, SENCOs and Headteachers to discuss pupils needs.
  • One to one support and group/pair work.
  • Reports to schools/alternate provision following outreach visits.
  • Support with behaviour management/strategies including feedback.
  • Reintegration of pupils into mainstream setting or alternate provision.
  • STILL Method - The STILL Method is a complete system to reduce anxiety.

It uses a step-by-step approach to understand and manage anxiety and improve low self-esteem. STILL does not just teach children to relax, it gives them tools to face challenges and feel empowered. The STILL Method is fun and engaging, it teaches children to develop and overcome anxiety. STILL is an easy to follow, methodical approach, to understanding and supporting children with anxiety. By learning the STILL method, you will find out what anxiety is and what causes it. You will know how to provide children with tools to face challenges and feel empowered. The STILL method teaches techniques to deal with immediate crisis, such as panic attacks, but also demonstrates easy to learn ways of dealing with painful memories and recurring thoughts.


  • Social skills
  • Anger Management
  • Recognising Emotions
  • Friendship skills
  • Bullying
  • Transition
  • Disruptive behaviour
  • Self-esteem
  • Concentration skills
  • Listening skills
  • Accepting consequences and responsibilities
  • Verbal abuse – use of language.
  • Threatening/Violent behaviour to staff/peers
  • Sexualised behaviour
  • Racist behaviour
  • Mental Health issues
  • Gang involvement
  • Advice and support regarding a range of diagnosed conditions e.g., ADHD, ODD etc.


Moorfield Learning Centre is an Independent School for young people aged 11-18 who need additional support.