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Welcome to Moorfield Learning Centre. My name is David Cubiss and I am the Headteacher and I have lots of plans to develop Moorfield Learning Centre, to make it an even better place for students to learn and grow. Moorfield Learning Centre is a place where students feel comfortable to be away from the hustle and bustle of larger schools yet still have the same opportunities.

You will be impressed at how bright and vibrant a place Moorfield Learning Centre is and how we prepare students from age 11 to 17 for the future, not only in the core subjects but also lots of other areas that are both academic and pastoral. For example, our students have the option to take music, art or photography as part of their curriculum and we prepare them for the outside world too with lessons in Personal Development and Beliefs and Philosophy. Our students take part in PE lessons twice per week too.

Visitors are always welcome at Moorfield Learning Centre and I invite any prospective parents to come and have a look around and see our school in action with its resources and our areas for online learning of English, maths and science which are underpinned by face to face lessons too.

Dave Cubiss.







 It is my great pleasure to be associated with Moorfield Learning Centre as an external education consultant. I have been involved from an early stage, and have watched with pride and great interest as this unique provision has translated from a vision into a reality. Those who have shaped Moorfield know that there are many young people for whom traditional education in a school setting does not work. Staff at Moorfield are committed to ensuring that all young people receive the education they need and deserve, in a setting that acknowledges the challenges they face and the barriers to their learning.

I was approached by the senior management team to support Moorfield so that the education experiences that are provided are rigorous, appropriately challenging and relevant to life and living. Over my career I have always been involved in education. I am passionate about settings that approach teaching and learning in a creative way, and that place the young people at the heart of all that they do. As well as working in mainstream education provisions, I have had twelve years’ experience of running a special school for young people with autism and learning difficulties. This taught me how important it is to treat young people as individuals and not to assume that ‘one size fits all’. I believe this ability to respond to individual young people is one of Moorfield’s greatest strengths. For thirteen years I worked as an Ofsted inspector. Hopefully I can use some of these skills to help Moorfield to focus on its next steps for development so that it continues to go from strength to strength.

I am confident Moorfield will quickly develop into the inspirational and exceptional learning provision that I know it can be. I am absolutely delighted to be able to work alongside such a dedicated and imaginative staff team and to have the opportunity to engage with young people who recognise they have been given a ‘second chance’ to learn.




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